should sell I took my teachers advice and sold Coco-Yums at the fair! I tried to get the word out about my new delicious snack product before the big event, but that didn’t help much, so my dad and I came up with an idea - we would take pre-orders! My friends & I walked around the school with trays the week before the event, handing out samples and everyone liked them and ordered in advance. In no time, Coco-Yums went viral!!! That is when I wanted to make Coco-Yums a success. That is how Coco-Yums made its way into business.       


I hope you like Coco-Yums and spread the word. Come join the coconut revolution!




It all started in my school entrepreneurial class.  My teacher wanted me to create a product. So, I went home with my homework and thought about it.  I decided I wanted to make a healthy snack that would be called Coco-Yums.  It would be made into two different, amazing flavors: organic maple syrup and/or dark chocolate coconut chips.


I baked them with my dad and brought them to school. Once my teacher tried them she immediately said that they were AMAZING.. She told me that my homeschool coop's

craft fair was happening soon.  This was an exciting event where everyone sells homemade crafts and food.  She said I