Our chocolate-coated Coco-Yums are lovingly homemade and in keeping with a healthy philosophy every product is 100% non-GMO and organic – the way quality food should be! They are sprinkled with allergy-friendly, non-dairy, semi-sweet dark chocolate and then baked at just the right temperature to encapsulate the crispy, subtle chocolatey deliciousness in every bite! Have fun with your Coco-Yums -they are great to snack or you can add them to trail mix, cereal, yogurt or even entrees or desserts for a delightful burst of flavor!


In addition to being organic, non-GMO and gluten free, they include 0 grams of trans fat. Coco-Yums are 100% vegan with no sulfites, preservatives, dairy, nuts or soy added. 

Baked Chocolate-Coated Coconut Chips - COMING SOON! LAUNCHING IN SEPTEMBER 2017!

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